Copywriting Portfolio

In addition to essays and podcast episodes, I also create copy for brands throughout the lifestyle space. I specialize in blog content and email marketing campaigns, and consider writing subject lines a sport. Also available are tag lines, website copy, custom Instagram quotes, video scripts—essentially anything with words. Please email if you’re interested in working together.

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Trove Business, Tagline

I also wrote all content and copy on

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Brand Hashtag, Clare Paint

The hashtag #shareyourclare was written to encourage customers to post their experiences with the brand to increase reach.

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Premion Tagline for Expand The Room

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Custom Instagram Quote, Spring

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Premion Marketing Deck For Expand The Room

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Tagline, Dijy

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Custom Instagram Quote, Keep

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Premion Marketing Deck for Expand The Room

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Expand The Room Website Content

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