Shani's Paris List For Solo Travel

Shani's Paris List For Solo Travel


I love to travel, and I love to write. This digital download combines both of the things I love into 18 pages of information I’ve learned over the years and now want to pass along to you. Written for the solo traveler (but still excellent for those traveling in pairs), this list outlines my absolute favorite things to do in Paris together with my own recommendations and anecdotes. Additional info below.

“Bought your solo Paris guide & I'm loving it so much. Super helpful especially because you're into GOOD food & natural wine.” -Caitlin Bebb

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What’s In There

  • My personal recommendations, stories, opinions, & advice

  • A format that guides you based on how necessary I find the activities to be. Ex: “Absolutely Mandatory” vs “Do If Convenient” - see Table of Contents below

  • Where to go, eat, stay, sightsee, etc.

  • How to actually do those things in the most enjoyable and comfortable ways possible. Amazing restaurants come and go, advice lasts forever.

  • Travel tips including what I pack in my day bag while I’m out and about

  • 18 photos (though this is really more focused on the written information inside)

  • Swear words (this isn’t for kids, but neither is Paris kinda)

What’s Not

  • The “best of” or “complete guide” to Paris. That’s available in less personal formats elsewhere, and also those both sound like impossibilities to me

  • Nightlife (I’m not much of a party-er when I travel alone)

Table Of Contents

1. If You Only Do 3 Things In Paris

2. Transportation

3. Solo Dining

4. Lodgings

5. Absolutely Mandatory

6. Highly Suggested

7. Do If Convenient

8. Smart Decisions

9. Places I Haven’t Been But Really Want To Try

10. Things To Keep In Your Day Bag In Paris

Why Do I Charge For This?

As an independent writer, writing and sharing information are how I earn my living. This list is a composite that required a lot of work, time, and actual trips to Paris to pull together. It is also my personal experience, making it unique to what you can find in a Google search. Your support ensures I can continue doing the work I love and continue creating things for you to enjoy.