Hello, I’m Shani Silver. I’m a writer based in Brooklyn, and I'm the author of the Refinery29 series “Every Single Day.” I also host A Single Serving Podcast.

I’d like to change the stigma around being single, and improve the conversation around and the societal opinions of single women—wish me luck. I’m available for speaking engagements and podcasts, you can listen to my recent appearances on my Press & Links page. I’d probably also love to write for you. I travel, I love to cook and ‘gram about it, and I hoard beauty products like a Victorian-era chemist. NPR once called me a humor essayist, let’s go with that.  


Yes, I’d love to write a book. Please direct literary inquiries to Kate Rizzo at Greene & Heaton: KRizzo@greeneheaton.co.uk.