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What Is Coffee Soda?

What Is Coffee Soda?

I am team Iced Coffee All Year. I see no reason to sprite about with your fickle beverages that are consumable for roughly the two minutes in between scaldingly hot and disgustingly lukewarm. I like my coffee over ice, all year, and preferably all day. But even my chilled beverage tendencies can get bored, especially on one of the first nice weekends of the year. That’s when I make coffee soda.

Coffee soda will sound weird to you until you drink it, then you’ll settle for nothing else. It is a very simple assembly, containing ingredients you likely already have at home. Best enjoyed on a sunny morning on one’s porch but if you live in Brooklyn we will settle for our sips next to an open window of any kind. Happy Pre-Summer, my friends.



coffee (either chilled or at room temp, this will not work with hot coffee)

vanilla extract (or any flavoring you like)

sparkling water (unflavored, though La Croix Coconut would likely be amazing in this)


fill a glass with ice (preferably a heavily bottomed glass your grandfather had monogrammed in the 70s, but use whatever you’ve got)

add 2-3 drops vanilla (or to taste)

fill glass halfway with sparkling water

fill remainder of the glass with coffee

stir gently


*you may also add cream if you want, I bet that would be lovely.

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