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I Have A Podcast!

I Have A Podcast!

I know, so does everyone, I’m excited anyway. Today I published the first episode of A Single Serving Podcast. You know when you see someone doing something cool and think, “I could do that”? Turns out, I can.

Why did I actually do this? Content created for single women is about dating. How to date, how to be better at dating, how to survive dating—and that’s almost exclusively it. Everything created for us is about trying to change what we are. It assumes what we are has to change in the first place. This podcast is going to talk about being single as if it’s not a bad thing, as if it’s a totally fine thing to be—because it is.

When you listen, I want you to feel like you just sat down for coffee with me and my guest while we talk shop about single life—all of single life, not just the parts of it focused on “finding a man.” Sip your tea, Kondo-fold your laundry, chop a vegetable. However you like to relax and spend your time when you listen to podcasts, do that while you listen to this. Also please listen to this, I’m so nervous.

There are a few ways you can support A Single Serving Podcast:

  1. Subscribe!

  2. Review!


  4. And email with questions you’d like my guests and I to answer, ideas for discussion, general comments, really anything—I’ll read ‘em all.

Thank you in general for just being a reader of mine who made it this far down the bottom of a post. I appreciate you, I welcome your feedback, and I am really looking forward to what I can create in support of single women next.

New episodes every Monday, available on iTunes & Spotify—and you can say…”Alexa, play A Single Serving Podcast!” which I think is pure magic.

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